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23岁女子在超市购物 古怪从三楼电梯坠下身亡

2017-12-22 18:03


  <原标题>23岁女子在超市购物 从三楼电梯坠下身亡

  据2016-11-23 09:57:42荆州电视台报导:



  A 23-year-old lady fell from the escalator when shopping for unknown reason

  A young lady has inadvertently fallen from the escalator on the 3rd floor when shopping in the Zhongbai Supermarket in Jingzhou, Hubei around 2.55 in the afternoon of 20th, November.

  It’s said that the lady was only 23 and intented to visit her parents who was working in Jianli County. She was shopping in the Zhongbai Supermarket yet fell from the escalator from the 3rd floor inadvertently. She was on a crowding escalator according to witness.

  However the investigation from the public security bureau has shown that the lady was committing a suicide instead of other reasons.

  Elevator insiders has held the opinions that escalators which is possible to transport large flow should be equipped with safety aisle in front of the escalators to guide the flow to queque up to the escalator and avoid chaos. The confused management on the escalators could be also caused by non-execution of maintenance systems. Just imagine how would a young girl choose to end her life in the afternoon when she was planning to visit her parents? The ridiculous news has made escalotor a new suicide weapon which was invented in Jianli County, Jizhou.

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